December 12, 2007 at 8:39 pm (Assigments)

Like-a-local is an organisation that tries to bring out the backstage tourism and the unusual of a city.

It divides the activities you can do in what kind of mood you are at that moment.             


Also it gives you the opportunity to choose your own experience you would like to have with locals, in which city and what kind of activity.
If I had to make my own like a local tour, I would choose off course Almere as the city, because that’s the city I live.

I first would welcome the people with a typical coup of coffee. Then I would go with the people to the local market.
To buy some fresh vegetables and fish.

I would give them a short tour trough the market to my place and than I would invite everyone to join in preparing the meal.

 Doing this all sort of questions will pup-up by the visitors and all sorts of anecdotes would be told, not only by me but also by the visitors.

Ending the day at my balcony with a glass of rose!

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Week 2 Souveniers

November 26, 2007 at 6:28 pm (Assigments)

Cultural encounters in tourism 

· Why did you buy/collect this souvenir? Or why did the person who gave you this souvenir, choose this specific for you? What does this souvenir mean to you? 

This is one of the couple of souvenirs I bought. Usually I don’t buy souvenirs because I prefer to take pictures and have nice memories of the places I visit. The reason I bought this one is because I think it is authentic for me. I bought this in a village in Venezuela were some “adinos”  live. This are the local people of the Andes. The mountains in Venezuela. This people left to the big cities of Venezuela trying to find jobs. The few that didn’t left, try to make a living out of making mask of mod. I find it authentic because it is real craftsmanship. They make it the way you like it and you can also see how they gain the mod and work it until it’s a mask.  

·What is the relationship between the object and the destination/country where it is found/bought? 

The relationship that I have with this souvenir is because my biological father is from the Andes. His grandmother and grandfather left to Caracas, the capital of Venezuela, to find a better life.This worked out for them, but for a lot of people it didn’t. I find it unfortunate that we can still see the andinos in the cities asking for money. So when I was in the Andes I bought it, so that it reminded me of the good life I do have and also to give something back to my old “family” . 

· Is there a story told/ an explanation given by the souvenir seller/the person who gave you the souvenir? If so, what story/explanation? 

The woman who made the mask for me told me that the mod is also really good for your skin. The mask is made to scare ghost away and that’s the reason why it should be hang up at the entree of the house. 

· In what way you consider this souvenir to be an authentic product of the destination you’ve visited? 

As I explained before the souvenir is authentic. This because it is made by the locals, from the materials of that place and you can also see how the make the souvenir.  

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North/South line Amsterdam

November 26, 2007 at 6:25 pm (Assigments)

Evaluate the product;

As a comsumer using the list of CSF

The North/South line is a clear product, if you look at the list of CSF. The tour gave us a lot of information about the project and the pictures gave also a good illustration. The product is typical Dutch and it also makes it easier for the tourist to see more of Amsterdam. Besides this, some parts of Amsterdam will also be developed more because of the North/South line for example Amsterdam-North. There was co-creation in it, with touch screens you could plan the whole project by yourself, and there was knowledge. The information they gave was important because it made it more alive for us.

As a constructively critical consultant/producer, stating what creative and structural improvements could be make  to make it be more successful as a backstage tour

To make it more succesfull as a backstage tour they can start now in the building process. They told us that once a year the places where the new stations are being build are open for public. Last year came around 15.000 people. This shows that people are interested. There could be a tour, passing by the places where the new stations will be build. It is a very unique project and you could see it as something typical Dutch, because of the new tecniques and the fact that there’s no other country which has done something similar. When the North/South line is finished, they can show typical things of Amsterdam at the stations. By not showing the main sightseeings but ‘normal’ things you can find outside the stations you pass by. And by promoting the North/South line to tourist, they will probably use it more and get involved in the life of working and living people in Amsterdam.  

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Workshop week 3 Tangible/Intangible

October 23, 2007 at 4:18 pm (Workshops)

During the third week we learned to understand the difference between tangible and intangible qualities of for example a country.

Because this is difficult to put in words, I tried to example, what in my opnion is intangible and tangible. I did this with my place of birth Venezuela.

One of the tangible qualities of the land I grow up in “Venezuela” is the food.Food is very important in this culture. It’s a way of welcoming you in to there home. For example in Venezuela they have a national dish called Pabellon.


The national dish of Venezuela “Pabellon”

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Workshop week 6 Interview

October 23, 2007 at 4:18 pm (Workshops)


To gain information that is helpfull and objectieve for the project, you have to be able to do good interviews. It is difficult to describe the right questions and to gain the information that you really want. Therefore the assignment for this week was to try to find out, by interviewing a student, what kind of tourist the student is.


Can you tell me what you do on your holidays?

  • It depands on the country I visit, often I want to visit the most famous tourist attractions. I also like to go to local restaurants and try the local food!

What kind of holidays do you prefer?

  • I prefer nature and city trips, if I go for example to Thailand, I like to relax and to enjoy the nature. But citytrips are also fun!

Do you like to meet locals or do you prefer to mengle with other tourist?

  • I like to meet local people and talk to them!

How do you book your holiday? Do you read something about the country first or do you just book a holiday by seeing pictures?

  • I prefer to book my holidays at an agency, because then they can tell you a bit more about the destination. A country gets my interest when my friends tell me good stories about it!

What do you try to gain out of a holiday?

  • I think the most important thing for me is the experience!

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Walking tour Almere

October 23, 2007 at 4:16 pm (Assigments)

Assignment Walking tour “My Almere” by Mario Withoud; inhabitants and “city poet”

Evaluate the tour from the perspective of a tourism manager & pay attention to the following:

In wich way provides Mario Withoud access to local life in Almere?

The tour Mario Withoud gives is rather unusual. I’m an inhabitant of Almere and would have never shown the places he did. The positive thing about this, is that he shows the real life. For example by walking trough the mud. This is real life for the inhabitants of Almere, because in Almere there’s always a project that had to be build, that obligate you to walk trough the mud. The other thing I found really interesting thing about the tour is that he doesn’t only show you where the wealthy inhabitants of Almere life and do, but he show you also the real site of Almere that also exist of less wealthy inhabitants, that live for example in the Leger des Heils. 

Does he succeed?

I think that he succeed to give accees to the local life in Almere. He does not only shows places, but he also proposes a poem that does give you his fission and something to think about. He tries to wake up your sences, for example by listening to the noise in the centre were they are building.

In what way did this tour influence your view of Almere?

This tour did change my view of Almere. It also made me realise, that I live in a city that I really didn’t know. Also it changed they way I now look at places. For example I’m often in Amsterdam and now try to discover other backstage places.

How would you improve this tour?

I think it would be more alive if Mario Wihoudt not only tells thinks, and reads poems, but also if he talked to the group. He walked real fast and did not communicate in between the places he wanted to show. Also he did not asked what we thought about it. This could have been a good feedback for him.

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Bicycle tour in Amsterdam-North

October 23, 2007 at 4:13 pm (Assigments)

Bring your digital camera/mobile phone or any other device that enables you to make picture. You are asked to make photos of the following subject you see in here. Because I was not able to join the group on this tour, I visited Amsterdam-North by my self. 

Inhabitants of Amsterdam-North


 This is a group of friends that live in Amsterdam-North and theycross the IJ with their one boat.

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October 23, 2007 at 4:12 pm (Welcome)

Hello and welcome to my weblog!

I’m a 4th year student of Tourism and Management at Inholland. During my last 2 project you are able to read what I’ve been learning and doing!


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